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Uhm, so. I kind of moved. Well, I got myself a hosting site and new domain  c/o my sister. If you're subscribed to this site, don't worry I've already migrated my subscribers to my new space on the net. I just wanted to streamline and organize everything and have one hub for all my things!… Continue reading I KIND OF MOVED

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The Daily: On Boys and a Boring Life

These days I'm beginning to think that my life seems boring. It doesn't bother me much but from the outside looking in, nothing's really been happening. I haven't been going out lately and  I haven't had any regular activities outside of work and home. I've stopped going to the dojo, for the most part because… Continue reading The Daily: On Boys and a Boring Life


KDrama Relatable Quotes and Other Musings

During that short stretch between school and unemployment, (it was only actually less than a month or so) I found myself indulging in more than my usual three asian dramas at a time. I've kind of lost count of all the KDramas I've watched since the start of the year but there were a few… Continue reading KDrama Relatable Quotes and Other Musings


Thoughts on 100 Tula para kay Stella

  Spoilers ahead! 100 Tula para kay Stella chronicles the time of Fidel's life as he enters college and falls in love with a fellow freshman, Stella, up until he graduates. Fidel is a model student who suffers from stuttering, so he limits his sentences to three words. Stella is a budding musician who dreams… Continue reading Thoughts on 100 Tula para kay Stella