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life update hey

I've actually been writing, but not online just offline on my journal about things I hate because for the past few months I've been feeling more negative emotions- resentment, envy, rage, annoyance, sadness. It started with the overwork. I tried finding ways to cope with the stress so I got a gym membership. I remember… Continue reading life update hey

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The Daily: On Boys and a Boring Life

These days I'm beginning to think that my life seems boring. It doesn't bother me much but from the outside looking in, nothing's really been happening. I haven't been going out lately and  I haven't had any regular activities outside of work and home. I've stopped going to the dojo, for the most part because… Continue reading The Daily: On Boys and a Boring Life


KDrama Relatable Quotes and Other Musings

During that short stretch between school and unemployment, (it was only actually less than a month or so) I found myself indulging in more than my usual three asian dramas at a time. I've kind of lost count of all the KDramas I've watched since the start of the year but there were a few… Continue reading KDrama Relatable Quotes and Other Musings